About Tempest Smith

In February 2001 at the age of 12, Tempest Smith committed suicide as a result of bullying she experienced at school. The bullying started when she was in the second grade and got worse as she got older.

When she reached middle school, Tempest found comfort in a new religion — Wicca, a peaceful nature-based faith. Her faith would be the source of the most severe abuse she'd experience at the hands of her fellow students. After almost two years, the gentle student who loved cats, playing the flute and shopping couldn't take it any more and ended her life.

Denessa, Tempest’s mother, started a foundation to promote tolerance designed to Teach, Educate, Motivate Parents, Educators & Students in Tolerance.

What can you do? Enlist the aid of a caring teacher. Say hello to the kid in your class who nobody talks to. Stand up for the teenage counter clerk who’s being verbally abused by an older customer. Let us know how you make a difference at our Facebook page.

About Denessa Smith

Losing a child. A parent’s nightmare. Denessa Smith could have given up. She didn’t. In 2002, the Pagan community reached out to her and she accepted their embrace. By 2004, the Tempest Smith Foundation was on its way.

Following TSF’s debut at the Southern Sun Rising Luncheon to honor her daughter’s faith, Denessa became a frequent guest, presenter and host of many events in the Metro Detroit area. In the Pagan community, it was the Witch’s Ball, ConVocation, Metro Detroit Pagan Picnic and Detroit Pagan Pride Day. Soon, the audiences became larger and more varied.

What started as Denessa’s crusade against intolerance quickly grew to combat any form of bullying wherever it appeared. As word spread, the speaking engagements grew to include churches, schools, community groups and work with gay and disabled communities.

In 2008, a routine operation went terribly wrong and Denessa joined Tempest’s side. Denessa’s work lives on in partner Annette Crossman, Tempest’s other mom. She’s assisted by an enthusiastic board of directors who are working to make a difference.

About TSF

It’s hard to know how many children die as a result of bullying. Some statistics put the suicide as one of the top three causes of death for teens. While we don’t know how many die from bullying, we know one death is one too many.

The Foundation’s goals include promoting anti-bullying legislation; providing educational programs for schools and community organizations through its speakers bureau and Tye Dye for Tolerance events; offering scholarship opportunities to students who demonstrate a commitment to the foundation’s goals; serving as a resource for information and tools to prevent bullying and discrimination; and providing networking opportunities through social events throughout the community.

The new board of directors has dedicated itself to promoting tolerance. We want you to be part of our work. Visit our Facebook page and tell us what you’ve done to stop bullying or promote tolerance. Help us make the world a better place, a place where you can be you and Tempest is free.

This is a picture of 6 kids who have commited suicide