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TSF Announces the Second Annual Tempest Smith Foundation Scholarship

To honor Tempest Smith, the TSF Foundation has established a scholarship for any pre (senior) or college student who is committed to the foundation's goal of tolerance. Visit our Scholarship page for more details.

We're losing too many children to bullying

You'll find some of the stories that have touched the hearts of our board of directors in the stories that appear below.

Like Tempest, 11-year-old Carl Joseph Walker-Hoover ended his own life as a result of bullying. It's important all of us stand up against bullying wherever we encounter it.

Like Tempest, 15-year-old Phoebe Prince ended her life as a result of bullying. Bullying doesn't stop once a child leaves school.

Like Tempest, 13-year-old Jared High ended his life as a result of bullying. On his parent's website, someone wrote, "The only differences between a terrorist and a bully is in the organized planning or cause of the activity, and the scale of terror. A bullied child will believe that there is no difference between a terrorist and a bully given the above definitions."

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Picnic anyone?!

Look for TSF's popular Tye-Dye for Tolerance table at ConVocation's Pagan Picnic on Saturday June 11 at Bloomer Park in Rochester Hills, Michigan.

Go, Pagan Pride!

Look for TSF table at Pagan Pride Metro Detroit Pagan Pride Day event at Scout Park in Hazel Park. Join followers of various religious paths from all over the Metro Detroit Area to celebrate educational workshops, entertainment, children’s activities and the bewitching wares of local vendors and artisans.

This is a picture of 6 kids who have commited suicide